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Our First Blog Post – Kind Of

Hello Readers Well, we’re going to give blogging a go. This will be the first post of an infrequent and irregular series of posts that will chart the day to day challenges, highs and lows and assorted stories related to the modern-day pursuit of running a busy web store. The store is run alongside busy day jobs and by virtue of The Proper Soap Company; non-existent social lives. We would not have it any other way. We suppose an introduction is in order. We are Aggie and Chris, or Chris and Aggie; It depends on who is signing the little thank you cards we pop into our orders! We are recently married, but together for over 15 years. We live in Surrey, England. Chris, originally from Wales, and Aggie, Poland. We came to live in Surrey some 10 years ago after both completing mature education. We both agree that the county is generally stunningly beautiful with great accessibility, so this is where we chose to make our home. After getting married we decided it was a good time to start pursuing some passions, to that end, 18 months ago we created the Proper Soap Company. We wanted to see if we could replace our regular day-to-day employment with a passion project. We set about starting a store and creating a brand that we think demonstrates the ideas and ethos involved with the company. This is not about becoming barons of the online soap world; it is about creating a collection of products that are thoughtfully selected, plastic free and affordable. The products and particularly the soaps should be looking and smelling amazing. We want our store to be affordable and we want to bring back the humble soap bar. Make Soap Bars Great Again, if you will. By the way, soap bars were always great! In some ways, it’s about sending about sending a message. We, in a part time fashion have grown a company that is not using any plastic packaging whatsoever – and this is for a food grade product that to some degree is live. We take great pride in our packaging and hand wrap everything. We have just started our first employment relationship with a lady who lives locally to our workshop and this is a very exciting step. We are both sure we can have a whole mini-series of posts related to the day to day challenges of packaging the soaps, particularly you, Dead Sea Salt!. In terms of packaging we think this is a step in the right direction. We know more can be done – we want your input; email us or message us on social media, we’re generally very responsive. If this post is to gain any tractions with you, the reader, we can continue to post our stance on the more challenging aspects of running a business. For example, a detailed post on our palm oil stance, the financial situation of the business, young business growing pains, website growth and traffic.  We hope this medium is not treated as a broadcast medium. We want this this to be a conversation. We have exciting plans for a range of new soaps soon, but we’re really keen to get your input. Because this is the internet, we will periodically post pictures of our serially miserable mog, a cat named Aber, if you’re interested in nothing else here, we’re sure you will stay for Aber. Stay Safe Chris and Ag