How to use shampoo bars?

A step by step guide to making the most of your shampoo bar

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If you are beginning your journey towards a zero waste bathroom, then you are probably switching from liquid shampoo to shampoo bars. Liquid  based soaps are some of the biggest contributors to plastic waste in our households. Shampoo bars, especially when used sparingly last a lot longer than nearly all liquid soap solutions. If you are using our shampoo bars then we would estimate that each bar can last two to three times longer than a standard bottle of a liquid shampoo.

As our shampoo bars contain a lot of natural ingredients and are SLS and SLES free, they will require a different lathering technique to that which you are used to with liquid shampoo.

Shampoo bar facts

Your hair may need to transition

If it's the first time you are using shampoo bars, you may find that your hair is feeling waxy and with residue. This is completely normal. The shampoo bars do not contain SLS or SLES which can strip hair from natural hair oils and other residue. It will take time for your hair to adjust and hence we recommend to persevere using the shampoo bar until you're happy with the effect.

Water hardness may impact the result

Hardness of water may have an impact on how well the shampoo will work. The harder the water the more time it may take for your hair to transition. 

If you live in hard water area it means that your water has a high content of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Those minerals bind to the shampoo bar molecules and that leaves the waxy effect on your hair. 

To help rinse your hair properly and reduce that waxy feel, we recommend adding some apple cider vinegar when rinsing your hair.

Use shampoo bar sparingly

Foaming your shampoo bar first in your hands or with the help of our soap bag and applying the foam itself to your hair will reduce the amount of residue and prevent tangling your hair.

Apply shampoo bar twice

Apply the shampoo bar twice - second time round it will produce more foam. Ensure that the shampoo bar dries properly after use.

How to apply the shampoo bar to your hair

Step 1: Wet your hair well

how to use shampoo bars - step 1

As with any shampoo, for the shampoo bar to produce as much lather as possible, it is important that it comes in contact with water. Your hair should be wet all over, from your scalp to the end of your hair. For best results, wet the shampoo bar itself.

Step 2: Apply the foam around the hair line

how to use shampoo bar - step 2

how to use shampoo bar - step 3

Start from the hair line around your forehead and continue making your way around your neck. Use front to back strokes as much as possible. Use the shampoo bar directly or foam only if you're in the transition period or using it for the first time.

Step 3. Apply the shampoo bar to scalp

how to use shampoo bars - step 4

If you have long hair, you want to make sure that the shampoo is applied not only on the top of your hair, but also close to scalp. To do that, you can lift part of your hair at the time and rub the shampoo bar getting close to your scalp underneath it. Start from one side and make your way one part at the time until you applied it fully. Again, use the shampoo bar directly or foam only if you're in the transition period or using it for the first time.

Step 4. Rub the shampoo bar all over your hair

how to use shampoo bar - step 5

To ensure that shampoo is applied evenly and to everywhere, rub the bar all over your hair ensuring that you use back and front strokes, to avoid tangling your hair.

If you have long hair, you can lift the hair, twist it, rest it on the back of your head and rub the shampoo bar all over. Alternatively, you can turn it to one side and rub the shampoo bar in downward strokes. Apply foam instead if if it's the first time you are using the shampoo bars or your hair is in the transition period.

Step 5. Massage the foam into your hair

how to use shampoo bar - step 6

Once you’ve applied the shampoo bar everywhere, put it to the side, and massage the lather all over your hair. You will find that applying the shampoo bar for a second time, will form more lather.

Step 6. Rinse the shampoo really well 

how to use shampoo bar - step 6

We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to rinse the shampoo bars well. They contain a lot of natural ingredients and oils such as Shea Butter, Avocado and Almond oils that if not rinsed, the unwashed ingredients may make your hair appear a little oily.

About The Proper Soap Company Shampoo Bars

All our shampoo bars are Paraben, SLS, SLES, and Palm Oil Free. You can choose from the following flavours:

Lemon, Grapefruit & Satsuma Shampoo Bar for normal, oily, and blonde hair

Sea Minerals Shampoo Bar  for normal to oily hair

Coconut & Argan Shampoo Bar for all hair types

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