Plastic free soap - a gift idea for Christmas

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Christmas is approaching fast and if you are still looking for gift ideas for your loved ones, friends, colleagues, or even neighbours then you are not alone. Whenever we choose a Christmas gift we want it to be appreciated and thoughtful but we also want it to be original.

The handmade soaps or shampoo bars for Christmas can be the perfect solution to that for many reasons. Christmas gifts that are vegan friendly, cruelty free, and plastic free are more than just a pretty present. They can be a way to help you and those you love start a journey to a zero-waste lifestyle.

Read on to find out why we think a handmade soap gift can be a perfect Christmas present.

1. Plastic free Christmas gift solution

Reducing plastic waste in our households should be an everyday part of life. However, the Christmas period is when we produce more plastic waste than any other time of year. It is estimated that overall plastic waste increases by 30% during Christmas. In 2017 alone, the UK was estimated to produce 108m rolls of wrapping paper and 40 million rolls of sticky tape. More than ever before we need to change our mindset and habits towards the type of Christmas gifts we buy and the packaging they come in.

This is why our Pick & Mix soap gift box is such a great choice. It doesn’t only come in a plastic free, recyclable box but it is also wrapped with the Christmas ribbon with a tag for your message which means you do not need any additional wrapping. You can even send it directly to a person you want to gift it to - if you would like us to put a message on the tag for you, contact us and we would be happy to do that.

All our products come in plastic free, recyclable packaging. Read our plastic free policy 

2. Vegan friendly and cruelty free Christmas gift

People are choosing vegan friendly products that are not tested on animals. Vegan friendly soaps or shampoo bars can therefore be a very thoughtful choice for your environmentally conscious friend or a family member.

All our soaps and shampoo bars are certified by Vegetarian Society and Cruelty Free International.

3. Christmas gift that spreads the awareness for a more eco-friendly lifestyle

Giving handmade soap or shampoo bars as a present may have an impact beyond just Christmas. It may inspire a more eco-friendly lifestyle for the rest of the year and convert those who are normally used to liquid soap or shampoo. If you or your loved one haven’t used shampoo bars before, we’ve written a guide on how to use shampoo bars to make that transition much easier.

4. Christmas gift that looks beautiful and smells amazing

But of course let’s not forget that our handmade soaps and shampoo bars look and smell absolutely amazing too! They contain lots of natural ingredients that are good for skin, including sensitive skin.

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