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Our Palm Oil Stance

Palm oil statement from The Proper Soap Company

The Palm Oil derivatives and Palm Oil derived compounds used in our soaps are 100% certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), an organisation that set out global standards for sustainable Palm Oil production. Through stringent audits and procedures, RSPO assesses environmental, economical, societal, and legal aspects of Palm Oil production, including the complete supply chain. 

What does it mean that Palm Oil is RSPO certified?

RSPO itself has come under some pressure being accused of 'greenwashing' and its minimal impact on reducing deforestation. We believe, however, that organisations such as RSPO are an important first step into ensuring sustainable production of Palm Oil, or any oil for that matter. For starters, it helps regulate industry practices including but not limited to:

  • Land ownership
  • Agricultural practices (i.e use of chemicals)
  • Disposal of waste and sources of pollution
  • Conservation of natural resources and biodiversity
  • The use of fossil fuels and renewable energy
  • Social responsibility towards employees, individuals, and communities considering aspects such as paid employment, working conditions, legal migration.

For example, RSPO sets out clear management processes on protection of habitats that exists in Palm Oil plantation and how to safeguard threatened or endangered species that could be affected by any stage of Palm Oil production be it growing or milling.

Can other vegetable based oils replace Palm Oil? 

More dialogue is needed that considers what would be the consequence of shifting production from Palm Oil to other vegetable based oils, for example coconut or sunflower oils. Many believe that banning or boycotting Palm Oil production will shift the problem to other crops and other species. According to WWF this could demand 4-10 times more land than currently the Palm Oil production does. Amongst oilseeds crop, Palm Oil created five times more yield per acre than rapeseed, six time more than sunflower, and eight times more than soybean.

We are aware of the complexity of Palm Oil production and the debate it stimulates, that’s why we are committed that wherever Palm Oil is used in our products it is 100% certified Palm Oil. 

In 2020 we will be actively focusing on reducing our offering of products with Palm Oil in them. 

You can learn more about RSPO and its principles here:

For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.