Plastic Free Packaging

The guide to plastic free and eco-friendly packaging of our soap bars.

We make a great deal of effort to ensure that none of the components used in the packaging of our products are made out of plastic and that the materials that we use are fully recyclable whenever possible. We continuously look for ways to improve our packaging and to minimise its waste. We strongly believe that no waste is justifiable, even if it’s recyclable.

We are keeping our waste to an absolute minimum without compromising the branding of our products and customer experience. This means that we carefully balance the use of material with the need to maintain product quality - i.e. our soaps need to be wrapped to maintain freshness. We often reuse the packaging that we receive from our suppliers and all paper is plant-based and compostable while the card is recycled and recyclable.

We source most of our packaging from Tiny Box Company which are well known for their eco-friendly materials. 

Soap Bars And Shampoo Bars Packaging

Both our soap bars and shampoo bars come in a recyclable paper box. Inside, soaps are wrapped in double layer paper - this is necessary to maintain their freshness as they are glycerine based and glycerine naturally absorbs moisture from the environment. The inner layer is made out of compostable waxed paper that is vegan friendly. The outer layer is made our of greasproof recyclable paper. We use Vegware, the leader in vegan and eco-friendly food packaging.

The soap wrapping is then secured with paper stickers. 

For our shampoo bars, as they produce less moisture than soap bars, we only wrap them in a single layer waxed paper, also by Vegware. 

Soap gift set packaging 

Our Pick & Mix Soap Gift Boxes are made of 99% recycled micron board that is also recyclable after use. However, the boxes are sturdy enough to be reused again! Inside the box, we use non-tarnish insert made out of recycled eco-fibre. 

plastic free soap gift set
The popular Zero-Waste Bathroom Kit comes in a fully recyclable box 

Postal Plastic-Free Packaging

We post small orders in recyclable Jiffy paper envelopes with 100% recycled paper padded lining - no plastic bubble!

For our larger orders we use corrugated cardboard boxes which you can then recycle. Inside we use shredded cardboard or paper as a filler - no plastic airbags or fillers! We secure the parcels with paper tape that is made of fully recyclable brown paper, contains biodegrable and compostable adhesive, is acid free, and vegan friendly. 

Whenever glue is required, we use an eco-friendly glue that is based on potato starch, solvent free and water soluble. 

If you have any questions or suggestions for our packaging, please do not hesitate to contact us.